A Teeny Tiny Days Old Two Toed Sloth Shows Strong Signs of Life After Being Found Alone on a Beach


Baby Sloth Drinking

A days old two toed sloth, appropriately nicknamed Tiny, showed strong signs of life after being found alone on a beach. The good samaritans who found him contacted Kids Save the Rainforest and two rescuers were immediately dispatched to the firehouse to bring Tiny back to the center. Upon closer inspection, Tiny revealed a strong grip (a very good sign) and an inflamed belly button (confirming newborn status). The little sloth also took a relatively big drink of water, much to Wildlife Manager Sam Trulhave‘s relief. Since that time, Tiny has accompanied Sam everywhere.

Tiny is the smallest sloth the sanctuary has ever cared for. …Arriving back at the sanctuary he was given an examination and fed fluids to stabilise him. Despite his size Tiny is a little fighter, and has to go everywhere with Sam, staying attached even when she’s doing the housework.

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