Humorous Planet Earth Parody About the Feeding Habits of the White Ibis Known as a ‘Bin Chicken’


A rather humorous parody takes a look at the bizarre feeding habits of the Australian white ibis narrated in the same dulcet tones of the great David Attenborough of Planet Earth. Footage shows this bird as a talented scavenger who finds abundant sustenance in the garbage cans of urban centers such as Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Wollongong. This incredible scrounging skill has earned these birds the fitting nickname of “Bin Chicken“.

Life survives in the harshest environments on planet Earth. Searing deserts, the frozen Arctic tundra. However there are more toxic places. Our cities and these have spawned an entirely new subspecies: The Australian bin chicken. Scientists have now confirmed what many Australians have believed for decades. once known as the white ibis the species has evolved into a superior scavenger from the city’s rooftops

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