The Mother Eve of Booze, A Fascinating Talk on the World’s Oldest Known Container of Spirits


In 2014, Adam Rogers, an editor at Wired and author of the book Proof:The Science of Booze, gave a fascinating talk entitled “The Mother Eve of Booze” at The Interval at Long Now in San Francisco. In this short clip, Rogers spoke about a shard from the world’s oldest known container from 10,000 years ago, which held spirits that were probably made accidentally.

With deep historical research, expert testimony, and solid science he discusses the accidental discovery of fermentation, an alternative American whiskey ….Adam describes the discovery of the earliest known alcoholic beverage: a 10,000 year old ancestor of wine. This talk from 2014 was the first event ever at The Interval.

Roger’s one hour talk can be found on the Interval’s website and on the “Long Now: Conversations at The Interval” podcast.

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