Artist Appears to Tie a Knot In the Middle of a 450 Year Old Wooden Pillar at a German Museum


British installation artist Alex Chinneck, who previously created a house facade that appeared to be sliding off and a car parked upside down on a curved piece of asphalt, moved his talent indoors. In a piece called “Birth, Death and a Midlife Crisis“, Chinneck created a fantastic optical illusion of a knot tied in the middle of a 450 Year old wooden pillar at the German museum of Kirchheim Unter Teck in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

We’ve just tied a 450-year-old column in the German museum of Kirchheim Unter Teck in a knot. Over the past five years I’ve given all my focus to outdoor projects, and while they continue with more ambition than ever, I’m excited to begin producing indoor sculpture. We also introduced a straight column, in addition to the knotted pillar, to give the intervention symmetry.

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